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Hi guys! I think it is high time that this comm got a face lift so I am holding a Header Challenge! Particpation has been slow since I reopened dangerus_beauty but I hope there are still people out there and will help make this comm fun and full of life again!


  • You can  choose from the women already on the Master List HERE and use any pictures you like or you can choose any woman you deem a bad ass babe! I know the list hasn't been updated in a while and I'm sure over the last few years a lot more women have made a splash onto the scene to earn that title so please have fun with this!

  • You may enter up to 2 headers (with one or two matching icons) for this challenge

  • The headers must have a width of at least 600 pixels. Height must be larger than 200 pixels.

  • Reply with your entries as a comment to this post (picture + link).

  • All comments are screened.

  • Do not post your headers anywhere else until the challenge is over.

  • All header must be your own! Don't claim it as your own if they're not.

Your header may include: "Dangerus_Beauty: an icon stillness community" (look at the spelling of the comm name!!!) or something similar, but it doesn't have to have those exact words!

Deadline is: Friday April 8, 2016 at 12pm est time!

Anyone Still Interested?

Wow, it's been quite a while since this amazing little community has been active but I was wondering if anyone who's still around would be interested in knocking the dust off this place and reviving it? I'm sure I could come up with some fun little challenges for anyone who would want to participate. 
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Challenge 19: Voting!

Challenge 19: Free For All
It's time to vote! There were 15 lovely icons entered so there will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awarded for this challenge. Thank you to everyone who entered!

Voting rules:
[x] You're voting for a total of 3 DIFFERENT icons. You cannot vote for any particular icon more than once. If you vote for any icon more than once in the main voting, you will be asked to change your vote.
[x] Anonymous votes are not counted.
[x] Do not vote for yourself.
[x] If you entered, you must vote.
[x] Please feel free to encourage others to vote, but please do not tell them which icons are yours!
[x] Vote in a comment to this post. All comments are screened.
[x]Voting will close on Tuesday, March 29th, at 11:59pm eastern time. I will announce the winners or post any necessary tiebreakers shortly after that.
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Challenge 19: Free For All!

Challenge 19
Free For All

After a long hiatus Dangerus_Beauty is back! And since it is the first challenge back it will be a Free for All which means anything goes...Any Female you consider a badass babe can be used in your icons.

The Rules:

[1]Up to five icons can be entered by each entrant. Please put them all in one comment, and include the icon URL in addition to the icons. Comment to this post with your entries. All comments are screened.
[2]Icons are due by Tuesday March 22th at Midnight Eastern Time.
[3]Icons should fit lj standards - under 40kb, 100x100, and in .gif, .png., or .jpg format
[4]Text, brushes, blending of images, etc., is allowed. No Animation!
[5]Please Do Not show your icons anywhere else before the voting has concluded and results have been posted.
[6]Enter only your own work.

If you have any questions, ask on this post, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Sorry for not updating the community, but we're honestly not sure what we should do to still run the community. :(

Because we got NO icon for our last challenge it's the best to cancel it. Seems like you're interested in other challenges. We're not really sure what we should start next, so if you've got an idea and don't want us to close the community please leave a comment.

Comments are screened.
A-Rod Homerun

Poll Extension

Due to lack of response to the poll posted last week I have decided to keep it open until this Sunday, February 27 at 11:59 pm. If there is still little to no response then I will take that as a sign that you all are no longer interested in this community. I have a really good idea for a new challenge and wouldnt want the idea to go to waste so please take a minute and vote :)


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